What is Family Support Counseling?

Often the people who are closest to the recovering addict play an incredibly important role in terms of support for their loved one. But family members are in a unique position – not only are they a part of their loved one’s recovery process, they have their own recovery to manage as well.

It is most helpful – and reassuring – to have knowledge about what your loved one is going through, how you can help, and what you need to do to take care of yourself. It is all about re-building and re-connecting with your life.

How Does Family Support Counseling Work?

Just as the recovering individual works with the recovery coach, by extension, the sobriety coach expands the recovery work, as appropriate, to include family members. The recovery coach:

  • answers your questions and deepens your understanding of how the recovery process works and what to expect;
  • keeps work with family members confidential and private, just as with the recovering individual, but is able to coordinate efforts and once again bring synergy to the family unit;
  • helps you to let go of the fear, confusion, and ineffective behavior you have held on to simply because you didn’t know what else to do;
  • assists you in developing your own recovery plan by which you get back to feeling healthy, productive, and joyful, too.