tenacity with compassion

“As much as anyone I’ve ever known, Monique is always able to combine tenacity with compassion, insight with tolerance, and commitment with love. In her own life, and in the lives of all those she comes in contact with, Monique is seemingly always able to ‘take lemons and make lemonade’. Monique’s ability to consistently offer up both empathy and good direction at the same time make her an excellent example of the program of recovery in action. Without Monique’s inherent strength and her support, my life would be nothing like it is today.”
Recovering Addict
20 + years clean

challenges just seemed to get harder

“At a time in my life when the challenges just seemed to get harder to face each day, no matter how faithfully I tried to keep my recovery my first priority, my dearest friend in the world died suddenly and tragically. I honestly did not know if I could go on or if I could face life clean without my friend to share it with. I came so close to picking up drugs again…and then Monique walked into my life and changed everything. Believe it or not, we met at my friend’s memorial service! Monique’s clear, articulate, sharp-focused way of seeing the truth of things, her compassionate way of showing me a different perspective, and the way she helps me find answers that are already inside myself- have changed my life so much for the better. I could not recommend a person more highly or sing her praises loudly enough; Monique is a genuine force, a force for good.”
David W.,
Recovering Addict
10 + Years Clean

a velvet rock

“I call Monique a velvet rock. She is solid and secure in her own recovery and her understanding of what it takes to have a fulfilling life, but she has the most incredible ability to direct and work with those in need with the softest touch. It comes from pure love.”
Rosemary C.
Recovering Alcoholic
13 years sober

communicates through every cell

“I’ve never met anyone who communicates through every cell in her body the love and power of recovery. Monique has an ability to make that unique connection with those who are still suffering in a way that they do not feel threatened or coddled. They relate to her.”
Patricia B.,
Recovering Alcoholic
16 years clean

amazing ability

“Monique has the most amazing ability to instill trust in young people. These kids have NO reason to trust anyone and yet they feel safe and motivated by her.”
Deb Arnold
Group Home Social Worker

I have watched Monique help countless alcoholics and addicts

“For 17 years I have watched Monique help countless alcoholics and addicts find and maintain recovery. Monique has the ability to balance professionalism with a quick wit and sense of humor which is vital to work with anyone struggling with substance abuse issues. Monique shoots straight and aims carefully. She says what she means but is never mean when she says it. Monique is a perfect role model for newcomers in recovery. I would trust her with any intervention be it individually working with the addict or providing support services to the family. Monique’s infinite knowledge of community resources is invaluable to the people she works with. I cannot recommend Monique enough.”
Roxan McDonald Y.E.S.
Program Supervisor Adolescent Day Treatment Facility
Santa Cruz, California

she came to my immediate rescue

….after a few more years in which I ventured out on my own for some more experimentation with disaster, I called Monique pregnant, alone and in total desperation and despair. The fact that without so much as a phone call from me in over 2 years she came to my immediate rescue says more for her character than I could ever express in words. She held my hand as I cried, helped me take the necessary steps to get clean once again and remained my constant support throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery of my daughter.

She has since become such a part of my life; 3 years later as a happily married executive I have asked her to help with the birth of my second child. This time not out of desperation but out of love for the person she is and the person she has helped me become.
Diana S.
Recovering Addict, 3 years
Executive HR

charity drive and a strong sense of purpose

“Monique’s resolute approach to life, and the process of recovery include clarity, drive, and a strong sense of purpose combined with a compassionate yet affective ability to help others”
Bill Taylor, Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Facilities Director Shoreline Center,
Monterey, California

uniquely qualified

“I have known and worked along side with Monique for over 11 years. She is uniquely qualified to assist any addict, alcoholic along the recovery path”
Victor Campos,
Criminal Attorney,
Capitola, California

she knows what she is doing

“I have witnessed a great many aspects of her journey, and have watched her meet many challenges and step into many possibilities. I am quite sure if you needed her, she’d be there. Count on it. They say the grass is greener on the other side of the street because the other guy waters his lawn. I’ll take my rest on Monique’s lawn any day! Oh, one other important thing I’d like you to know: She knows what she’s doing! And she very well could be the response to that prayer someone, somewhere has uttered for the thousandth time.”
Bruce Lincoln Benjamin MRET
Minister/ Counselor

through a stroke of good fortune we found Monique

“I love my kid, but I did not know what to do or how to help her. I was desperate, exhausted, and afraid – all compounded by the pain of watching my child disintegrate.

Through a stroke of good fortune, we found Monique and she saved us.

It is not easy; there are ups and downs, but my child is getting her life back – and so am I. Monique is steady, calm, and unfailingly supportive with an amazing ability to connect and reach into us to pull out our best. Monique is a miracle worker!”
Parent of Self Mutilator and Alcoholic