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Coach for Recovery offers comprehensive services for people seeking recovery, emphasizing recovery coaching, interventions, and counseling . We tailor our solutions to fit the needs of the individual because we recognize that each person is unique.

Intervention Services

It's all about you! Our purpose, our mission is to help you. We will do everything we can to help you make the most important change in your life. We tailor our services to the individual. As each person is unique, each person will require a unique set of services.

Intervention Services

From rehab to full recovery. If in treatment, prior to the point of discharge, your personal recovery coach will meet with both the client and facilitators to build a custom post-treatment plan for everyone involved in the recovery process. This can be as simple as twenty-four hour care, a daily check-in and onto one on one counseling.

Intervention Services

We measure our success by your success. That is why we are 100% behind each and every customer. We believe that a full lifetime-lasting recovery is possible. We will do everything we can to make sure that you end up in the winner's circle. Take a look at our testimonials. Let us know when you are ready to post one yourself.