Friends and Other Recovery Options

Below is a small list of sites that may be of interest to you. Some of them provide alternative recovery options and additional information, others are websites of friends and associates. Sit down, relax, take a look around.

Above the Line is a non-profit collective dedicated to providing housing, education, placement and other vital services to at-risk children and youth in Santa Cruz, CA. Through our Foster Family Agency, Homes for Kids, they offer regular orientations to those interested in learning what is involved in becoming a foster parent. For those who qualify for their foster parent program, they provide training classes to teach the knowledge and skills needed to be successful foster parents. Their team of social workers also provide 24/7 support to our foster families and children.

Janus of Santa Cruz treatment programs recognize chemical dependency as a chronic, progressive and treatable disease with a high potential for recovery. They create a caring community of individuals searching for solutions to similar problems. Within this recovering community framework, Janus’ professional staff applies research-proven clinical interventions to facilitate each client’s personal discovery and acceptance of their chemical dependency, while developing an individualized program for recovery and relapse prevention.

Serenity Houses provides a safe, drug and alcohol free environment for people in recovery. Their experience for the last four years has shown them that staying at a Sober Living Home greatly reduces the rate of relapse for recovering addicts. Many people who stay at Serenity Houses come away with a positive experience and a solid grounding a new way of living without drugs or alcohol.